Boss RV-200 Multi Reverb Pedal

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Brand: Boss
Boss RV-200 Multi Reverb Pedal

Ambient Bliss

Twelve inspiring reverb effects and expressive performance tools in a versatile 200 series pedal.

The RV-200 delivers inspiring reverbs and premium sound in the streamlined BOSS 200 series design. Twelve versatile reverb types - including the newly developed Arpverb - provide everything from subtle spatial color to complex, dreamy textures for ambient explorations. Quickly dial in sounds with the fast-access interface.Save favorites in 127 memories. And take performances to the next level with flexible onboard footswitches, deep external control support, and head-turning creative tools like Warp, Twist, and more.

Studio-Grade Processing

The RV-200 features a powerful reverberation engine with class-leading sound quality, backed by custom BOSS DSP, 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate. Every algorithm offers true studio-grade performance, with exceptional detail and definition from the shortest early reflections to long, floating tails spanning multiple seconds.

Twelve Distinctive Reverbs

From essentials like Room and Hall to deeply immersive reverbs like Shimmer, Slowverb, and the cool new Arpverb, the RV-200 gives you the ambient colors you need for every song and style.

• Room - Simulates the reverberation characteristics of a small room. Select from four room sizes with the Param knob.
• Hall - Simulates the reverberation characteristics of a concert hall. Select from three hall sizes with the Param knob.
• Plate - Simulates the reverberation characteristics of a studio plate reverb. Balance the high and low damping of the reverb with the Param knob.
• Spring - Simulates the distinctive sound of the hardware spring reverb effect found in guitar amplifiers. Select the number of springs with the Param knob.
• Shimmer - Creates long, dreamlike reverberations rich in harmonic content. Adjust the harmonic character and diffusion with the Param knob.
• Arpverb - A newly developed BOSS reverb that creates an arpeggio type of sound with evocative pitch-shifted tails. Use the Param knob to adjust the attack of the arpeggio sound.
• Slowverb - A sweet ambient reverb with gentle attack and soft harmonics. Param adjusts the amount of direct sound blended with the reverb, allowing you to create deep, immersive tones.
• Modulate - Adds a modulation effect to a rich hall reverb sound. Adjust the modulation depth with the Param knob.
• +Delay - Combines a delay with reverb, with the length of both effects controlled with the Time knob. Use the Param knob to adjust the delay level.
• Lo-Fi - A specialty reverb with limited bandwidth and added distortion. Adjust the distortion amount with the Param knob.
• Gate - A distinctive reverb effect that abruptly cuts off the reverb tail. Use the Param knob to control the timing of the gate effect.
• Reverse - Plays the reverb sound in reverse. Adjust the high-frequency character with the Param knob.

Instant Sound Creation

Like all 200 series pedals, the RV-200 offers a powerful yet intuitive panel that lets you realize great sounds with minimal effort. Along with core parameters such as reverb time, effect level, and pre-delay, there are variable high and low filters to perfectly balance the verb for your application. You also have a density control to adjust the weight of the sound, plus a parameter knob with access to multiple sound-shaping tools that are unique to each type.

Expressive Performance Control

The RV-200 includes memories for storing 127 reverb sounds, so your favorite setups are always ready to go. Two onboard footswitches pack a lot of performance versatility, with numerous options to reassign their targets to suit your needs. For example, you can bypass the effect, scroll through memories, and activate a Hold function to carry on the reverb effect for as long as the switch is pressed. It’s also possible to assign powerful performance effects such as Warp, Twist, and Fade.

Expanded Operation

Expanded control options let you integrate the RV-200 into any advanced rig. External control of many different parameter targets is possible via footswitches or an expression pedal, and MIDI I/O is provided on space-saving mini TRS jacks. Via MIDI, you’re able to chain multiple 200 series pedals and select memories on all of them at once. You can also control many assignable functions from external MIDI controllers and devices like the ES-8 and ES-5 effects switchers.


• Premium BOSS reverb processing in a streamlined pedal
• Class-leading sound quality with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate
• Twelvedistinctive reverb types, includingthe newly developed Arpverb
• Fast, easy operation with hands-on controls
• 127 user memories for storing sounds
• Density control with six stages
• Param knob to access extended functions within each reverb type
• Selectable carryover for maintaining reverb trails when switching presets or bypassing the effect
• Stereo I/O with wet/dry and dry mute output options
• Two assignable footswitches
• Expressive Hold, Warp, and Twist effects available via footswitch control
• Deep external control support via footswitches, an expression pedal, and TRS MIDI I/O
• Connect and control multiple 200 series pedals at once via MIDI
• Panel lock function to avoid accidental sound changes
• Powered via three AA batteries or optional AC adaptor
• Current Draw: 260 mA
• Dimensions : 101 (W) x 138 (D) x 65 (H) mm / 4 (W) x 5-7/16 (D) x 2-9/16 (H) inches (including rubber feet)
• Weight: 680g / 1 lb 8 oz (including batteries)
• Accessories: Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 3; Rubber feet x 4