BOSS VO-1 Vocoder Pedal

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Brand: Boss
BOSS VO-1 Vocoder Pedal

BOSS's VO-1 Vocoder Pedal combines a vocal synth and a talk box into a stompbox chassis. Using the onboard XLR microphone input, plug in a microphone, and vocally modulate your guitar's signal using one of the synth or talk box modes. This cool effect is not just for guitars. Plug in your bass or a synth and see what other cool tones you can achieve.

Laid out in the familiar BOSS style, the VO-1 is intuitive to operate. The concentric Level and Blend controls adjust the output and balance between the wet and dry signals, respectively. Tone and Color controls offer general adjustment of your sound. The Mode knob selects what kind of synthesis the pedal applies to your guitar's signal
• Vintage Mode: produces familiar synthesized voice sounds heard on pop and electronic music records throughout the years
• Advanced Mode: utilizes new BOSS technology to translate speech and other vocalizations to your guitar's sound with more definition and clarity than the Vintage mode
• Talk Box Mode: recreates the classic "talking guitar solo" without complex or finicky traditional mouth-tube rigs
• Choir Mode: produces vocal textures just based on your guitar's input, no mic is required

XLR Microphone Input
Instead of relying on mouth tubes or other setups for vocal capture, the VO-1 uses a standard XLR microphone input. The sensitivity can be set at either low or high using the switch near the power input at the top of the pedal

Effects Loop
A second set of I/O is offered to add effects to the VO-1's signal path. Put some delay, distortion, or modulation effects in the loop for quick activation when the VO-1 is engaged. These effects will only be in your guitar's signal chain while the VO-1 is active

Classic BOSS Design
The VO-1 can run off of a single 9V battery or an optional external 9 VDC power supply. The electronics are encased in BOSS's iconic durable metal housing with a non-slip rubber base, and the battery compartment can be easily accessed by unscrewing the thumbscrew at the front of the pedal. This pedal utilizes a buffered bypass for silent switching and driving long cable runs, even while the pedal is disengaged.


• Innovative, easy-to-use vocoder pedal powered by BOSS’ famous guitar synth technology
• Use your voice to dramatically extend the expressive range of your instrument in countless ways
• Vintage mode for classic electronic synth-voice sounds and Advanced mode for all-new vocoder tones with enhanced clarity
• Talk Box mode enables “talking lead guitar” tones without the hassles of a traditional talk box setup
• Choir mode for achieving rich vocal sounds with no mic connected
• Effect loop for sound enhancement and easy integration with existing pedals
• Works with guitar, bass, or any instrument with a 1/4-inch output
• BOSS five-year warranty