Caroline Icarus V2 Overdrive / Preamp / Boost Pedal

Maximum quantity available reached.

Brand: Caroline
Limited run of 120 made!

Players have been asking Caroline to make a straight up, to the point, amazing preamp/overdrive/boost for years. This does it. There's up to +12db of clean boost with no additional gain just from the second (volume) stage, but once you add that gain and start to clip the hybrid Russian germanium and silicon diode circuit, you won't want to come back.

Handwired in Caroline's workshop in Columbia, SC, it is “sonic awesomeness” based on the acclaimed Parabola™ and Météore™ preamp sections, but with a mix of silicon and germanium components, a tone control, multiple gain stages, and a switchable option of true bypass or buffered for longer signal chains and cable runs. If you want to keep it clean, it can do over +12db of clean boost just from the secondary gain stage. All running elegantly at 9VDC with no noise-inducing charge pumps or other goofy frills.

You simply aren't going to find a better magic bullet for your sound than this. Caroline could probably charge a lot more. But they'd rather see people rocking.