Catalinbread Octopussy Octave-Up Fuzz Pedal

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Octapussy: At a Glance

• Catalinbread's searing three knob octave fuzz.
• Capable of delicate octave harmonies, to ripping fuzz tones.
• Great sounding fuzz whether played high on the frets, or chunky power chords.
• Excellent integration with your guitar's volume/tone controls.
• Special LED bypass to preserve the highest tonal feel.

Technical Specifications

• 2.34" x 4.39" pedal
• Battery operation or 9v Negative Tip DC Power
• 3 mA draw

Control Surface

• The ATTN (Attenuation) control should normally be set full counter-clockwise. For best tone and response, only attenuate when you’ve got the Gain and Body knobs really cranking and need to reduce the output some.
• The GAIN control increases the gain for more fuzz, harmonics, and uppermidrange frequency boost. It is voiced to be usable throughout its range from minimum all the way to maximum.
• The BODY control increases the bass response as well as making the octave more prominent. Like the Gain knob, it also increases output and harmonic content. Technically, it is a negative-feedback loop with variable frequency response. But let’s not dwell on technicals.... this is another MOAR knob!
To get the best feel for what this knob does, set it at minimum and then slowly bring it up as you thump the low E string on your guitar. You’ll hear (and feel!) the low end thump increase as you turn up the Body.


The Octapussy is essentially, an octave-up fuzz in the tradition of the Octavia. But it’s not a clone of that circuit! Nope, it’s an original circuit utilizing 3 silicon transistors and two diodes that takes the tradition to the next level! The preamp section is custom voiced to give you an extremely dynamic playing response. You’ll get those famous high-octave lead tones up high on the guitar neck but you’ll also get an amazing array of fuzz tones anywhere else on the neck - just by how you play it and how your GUITAR’s volume, tone, and pickup selector is set.

The more you play the Octapussy, the more sounds you’ll find in it! With the Octapussy, you can:

• Play sweet, breathy, delicate octave-up melodies up high on the neck.
• Play epic soaring leads that are full sounding with upper harmonics that bloom and bloom and bloom as you hold that bend.
• Get tough sounding almost ring modulated double-stops that growl when you sustain it.
• Obtain sounds that evoke Caribbean steel drums.
• Get massively huge grinding, industrial-strength power chords.
• Riff out with a textured, harmonically rich fuzz tone that can achieve cello-like qualities.
• Play otherworldly sounding arpeggios.
• Make strange, atonal soundscapes.
• Evoke the texture of a sitar.
• Achieve mysterious sounding droning melodies.
• And more!

Octapussy features three carefully voiced controls that are responsive and musical as you want to be throughout the entire range of the knobs.