Chase Bliss Audio Habit Experimental Delay Pedal w/ Memory

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Habit is a delay with a memory.

Out of the box, it’s good, quick fun and there isn’t much you need to know. But it’s designed to be a pedal you can grow with over time, loaded with surprises and hidden talents.

As you play, everything you do is stored in the background for later use. Like a musical sketchpad. At any time, you can scan back into this memory and play echoes of the past. You can gather up loops, or create rhythmic pre-delays, or play two moments at once. OR, you can set Habit to auto-scan and periodically sprinkle in old notes.

At its simplest, Habit is an experimental delay that can be up to a minute long. At its extreme, it’s a self-contained song made up of chance encounters. Habit is always listening to what you are playing and has 3 minute long buffer where the past can interact with your present playing. Habit allows you to control how the past interacts with the present.

It lets you break away from the present moment and create echoes of the past instead. Or both at once. You can collect sounds you made 2 minutes ago and turn them into loops, or harmonize along with old playing, or build impossible echo patterns.

It’s an effect that can become an instrument at any time, an evolving paint-splatter of everything you do.

Or it could just be a fun delay:

• 60 seconds of delay time

• Modifiers

• Multi-tap

• Looping

Record free-form songs right in the pedal, navigate through a whole performance with the turn of a knob, and yes, make echoes.