Darkglass Exponent e500 - 500 Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier Head

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Brand: Darkglass
Darkglass Exponent 500 - 500 Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier Head

Darkglass always craved a clean head. A device that is “out of the box” is an amplifier without added effects. Uncomplicated, intuitive, and for each one of us to be able to unveil the layer of sophistication that better serves your projects and skills. The Exponent 500 is a new concept that once connected turns into a multi-effect, with fully programmable and presettable signal chains with all the components a professional bassist requires.


Front Panel Features

• Input: Use this jack to connect your instrument via a standard 1/4" mono cable.
• Quick-Pots: There are five Quick-Pots on Exponent 500’s front panel (a, b, c, d and e) By default, these pots are mapped to the Amp EQ’s four frequency bands and a preset-specific control. In the Darkglass Suite, you can freely bind the Quick-Pots to your selection of any five controls from the effects in your signal chain.
• Master: Use this knob to control the overall volume of the amplifier.
• Preset: Pressing the preset button changes through presets 1 to 5 and a bypass signal. The current preset is shown with a single LED next to the preset number. When e500 is bypassed, all preset LEDs show a dim white color. Long-press the preset button to start Bluetooth pairing. All preset LEDs will breathe white while pairing is active.
• Mute: Pressing the mute button toggles mute on the physical outputs. When e500 is muted, all preset LEDs will illuminate with a dim red color.
• DIMENSIONS: 8.3" x 6.9" x 2.4" (21 x 17.5 x 6cm) Weight: 3.6lbs (1,65kg)
• Never use the amp at a high moisture environment or near liquids.
• The Exponent 500 can deliver more than 115 dB of power. Exposure to this level of sound can damage your hearing. Use proper hearing protection if you will be exposed.
• The Exponent 500 can deliver more than 500 Watts. Be sure that your speaker cabinet is able to deliver that power.
• Do not cover the vent holes. The Fan and vent holes are part of the cooling system of the amp. Covering the vent holes can damage the power amp by overheating it.
• Don’t use an instrument cable as speaker cable. An instrument cable is not designed to deliver the type of power signals sent from the amplifier to the speaker.

Darkglass Suite

• Exponent 500 comes preloaded with five versatile factory presets. Using e500 with the Darkglass Suite isn’t necessary, but Darkglass recommends it!
• Darkglass Suite unlocks the full potential of Exponent 500 by providing an interface to interact and modify the signal chain running on each preset.
• Use the iOS or Android versions of the Darkglass Suite to create, edit, share, and apply presets. Please make sure your Darkglass Suite version is 4.3.0 or newer!

Back Panel Features

• Speaker Output: Use this connector to connect the amplifier to your cabinet. The SpeakON Combo jack allows for SpeakON or 1/4" speaker cable operation. The minimum load impedance is 4 ohm. Exponent 500 can be operated without a cabinet.
• WARNING: Do not use an instrument cable with this jack. Using an instrument cable can damage your amplifier.
• Effects send: Use this output to send the signal to your outboard gear.
• Effects return: Use this input for the signal from your outboard gear.
• Headphone Output: The 1/4" stereo headphone output handles headphones with an impedance of 16 - 600 ohms. Connect your headphones and control the output level with the master volume. The headphone output has an output impedance of 1 ohm and a maximum output level of 13.3 dBu (3.6 Vrms).
• XLR direct output: Direct output signal unaffected by master volume. The maximum output level before clipping is 2.2 dBu (1 Vrms).