DiMarzio DP213BK PAF Joe Satriani Pickup - Black

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Brand: DiMarzio

PAF Joe™

The PAF Joe™ is the latest neck pickup Dimarzio developed for Joe Satriani. Joe wanted a neck position humbucker that combined the best qualities of the PAF Pro® with those of a late 50s Gibson® humbucker. Joe describes this tone as being “tubular”. Through the use of Virtual Vintage® technology, clear-sounding low frequencies are blended with warm-sounding mids and high frequencies, which makes the PAF Joe™ equally good for chords and single notes. Joe first used it throughout the 2003 G3 tour.

Recommended For:

All positions, solid, semi-solid and hollow-body electric guitars.

Tech Talk:

What does “tubular” mean? In this case, it means making low notes “speak” more clearly while giving high notes a rounder voicing. This accomplishes two goals: chords have better definition, and single notes at higher fret positions remain warm-sounding rather than getting thinner. The PAF Joe™ has slightly less power than the PAF Pro®. It balances well with bridge pickups like the PAF Pro®, FRED®, The Breed™ Neck Model, Air Norton™, and Norton®.


• Wiring: 4 Conductor
• Magnet: Alnico 5
• Output mV: 272
• DC Resistance: 8.26 Kohm
• Year of Introduction: 2004