DiMarzio DP255FBK Transition Steve Lukather Bridge Pickup - Black - F-Spaced

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Brand: DiMarzio
DiMarzio DP255FBK Transition Bridge Pickup - Black - F-Spaced

Transition Neck & Bridge Model pickups were designed for Steve Lukather and Luke's new LIII Music Man guitar. The pickups are named after Steve's album, Transition. Lukather played the LIII guitar with Transition pickups throughout the record. The passive Transitio humbuckers are both subtle and tough. They have power and they have depth. Steve says they're organic, and they allow him to own his sound. "These days I like it simple and direct," he shares. Steve says he's started over sonically and is into a more organic sound these days, but the Transition Bridge Model has a tough, in-your-face sound that's also perfect for shredding and technical playing. Recommended for bridge.

A powerful magnet and coils tuned to slightly different frequencies create very strong fundamental tones, with sustained notes that resolve easily to first- and second-order harmonics. The output rating isn't as high as DiMarzio's loudest models, but the Transition Bridge Model puts a lot of impact into every picked note.

• Wiring: 4 Conductor
• Magnet: Ceramic
• Output mV: 390DC
• Resistance: 11.05 kOhm