Dwarfcraft Devices ARF Attack Release Filter Pedal

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Dwarfcraft Devices ARF Attack Release Filter Pedal

Have you ever wanted a super-aggressive filter on your pedalboard? Sure you have. We all have. And now that we’ve addressed the elephant in the room, Dwarfcraft Devices is here for you. The A[ttack] R[elease] F[ilter] is a monstrous feature-laden device for all your filtering and envelope following needs.

The knobs that adorn the face of the ARF work to set the range and resonance of the filter. The DRV knob can be used to overload the filter, providing a dynamic, power blown-out filter sound, or add just a little hair to the expansive filter controls.

The topology is similar to an envelope follower type circuit, but with much more stability. Most envelope follower circuit trigger at odd times, seriously disrupting cadence and sound alike. Not so with the ARF. The circuit is finely adjustable so everything stays tight.

A momentary switch is found on the ARF, and it is used to generate the envelope effect. Holding the switch causes the filter to ascend to its peak, and light taps give a more familiar effect. But what’s the fun in that?!

• Comprehensive envelope/follower pedal
• Aggressive low-pass filtering with oscillation
• Expression/CV out
• Hand-made in the USA
• Standard 9v center-negative operation