EarthQuaker Devices Limited Edition Disaster Transport Modulated Delay Machine Legacy Reissue Pedal

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EarthQuaker Devices Limited Edition Disaster Transport Modulated Delay Machine Legacy Reissue Pedal

This limited edition version of the Disaster Transport pedal has been redesigned so the delay line reduces the noise floor and improves the quality of the delay. The output is boosted with a cleaner mixing section; it’s now filtered to sound more like an analog delay than any of the previous versions. This delay pedal sits perfectly in the background with more of an evolved ambiance to it, but it can be dialed in for more of a dramatic effect of your choosing.

A Mod Mode switch has been added that allows you to choose between bending (Bend) and stretching (Stretch) the modulation wave. The Bend setting offers a subtler vibe closer to a traditional chorus sound, while the new Stretch option gives you loads of pitch-stretching modulation to run wild with.

The newly added Mod Speed three-position toggle switch offers Slow (S), Fast (F), and Medium (M) settings.

The newly designed enclosure features knobs to control the Speed, Intensity, Mix, Repeats, and Time, with Modulate and Activate Switches, making this a highly customizable pedal to get the delay sound of your dreams. Thanks to the ramp modulation circuitry, you can turn the delay time down and start to use feedback and modulation at a higher setting to harness a bizarre modulator and achieve subtle to wild chorus-type effects. Or set your delay time how you want to set it and use your modulation rates to set your tempo, so you can strum or pluck to the climbs and drop offs to match your riffs. The possibilities are endless.


Rate - Controls the speed of the modulation. The Rate operates in three ranges (Slow/Fast/Medium) selected by the Mod Speed toggle switch. The Disaster Transport uses a Ramp wave for the modulation. You’ll find this to be much more intense than most modulated delays. Think of it as a traditional Triangle wave that falls off a cliff in mid-cycle, creating a drastic pitch bend in its wake. Or don’t and just think about whatever you want.

Intensity - Controls how much the LFO modulates the delay time. More subtle chorus type effects are achieved with less intensity and more intensity will yield wild pitch stretching and bending. The overall modulation style can be made more or less subtle by using the Mod Mode toggle switch to select Bend or Stretch.

Mix - Sets the volume level for the delay signal. Hear more of what you just played 30-600ms ago by turning this up.

Repeats - Controls the intensity of delay feedback from no repeats at zero to self-oscillation at max. Let the past pile up on you until it implodes.

Time - Sets the delay time from around 30ms at zero to 600ms at max. Everyone needs more time; all we can offer you is about 600ms worth.
Mod Speed - Three position toggle switch that sets the range in which the rate operates.

Mod Mode - Two position toggle switch to choose the modulation style. Bend is more of a traditional chorus type modulation and Stretch is a wilder pitch stretching modulation.

Modulate - This foot-operated switch features Flexi-Switch Technology and turns the modulation on and off.

Activate - This foot-operated switch features Flexi-Switch Technology and turns the effect on and off.


• Reissue of the first version of the classic EQD modulated delay circuit
• Analog-voiced modulated digital delay
• Reduced noise floor
• Boosted output with a cleaner mixing section
• Mod Mode switch chooses between bending (Bend) and stretching (Stretch) the modulation
• Mod Speed three-position toggle switch Slow (S), Fast (F), and Medium (M)
• All-analog signal path
• True bypass
• Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch Technology
• Lifetime warranty
• Current Draw: 35 mA
• Input Impedance: 1M
• Output Impedance: 1K
• Boxed Dimensions: 5.5”x 4.25”x 3.25” (139.70 x 107.95 x 82.55 mm)
• Out of Box Dimensions: 4.625”x 3.1875”x 2.3125" (117.475 x 80.9625 x 58.7375 mm) with knobs
• Boxed Weight: 1.165 lbs. (528.44 grams)
• Out of Box Weight: 0.865 lbs (392.36 grams)