Electro-Harmonix Key 9 Electric Piano Machine Pedal

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Electro-Harmonix Key 9 Electric Piano Machine Pedal

Electro-Harmonix has done it again with the Key9 Electric Piano Machine guitar effects pedal. Following in the footsteps of the now-classic C9 and B9 organ pedals, the Key9 brings you a room full of vintage electric pianos in a single pedal. Not only does this pedal transform your guitar tone into one of four classic electric piano tones and three percussion instruments with jaw-dropping realism, it performs like a champ. There are two great ways you can blend in your dry guitar signal, giving you even more sonic territory to explore. Plug in and you'll see why the Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine is destined to be a classic.

A full range of presets delivers classic electric piano sounds and more

The Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine is a box full of classic electric piano and percussion tones. In addition to the standard tine and reed electric pianos, you also get three percussion sounds and a glorious Tri-stereo Chorus effect. The Dynamo setting gives you the well-known "Dyno My" modded Fender Rhodes sound that ruled the '80s. For the instantly recognizable reed piano sound associated with many famous songs and bands, you'll want to use the Wurli preset. And when you need the quintessential tine-tinged tones, the Suitcase and Eighty Eight presets are the way to go. Each preset on the Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine is loaded with classic effects like phase, tremolo, and chorus to give you an authentic vibe.

More than just an electric piano pedal

In addition to the electric piano's sound, the Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine has a trio of percussion instruments that will expand the sound of any band. You can choose from the marimba, vibraphone, and steel drums. The Key9 pedal is also loaded with a classic tonewheel organ with rotating speaker. And last, but definitely not least, EHX built in a lush tri-chorus effect that delivers rich, textured sounds. Grab the Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine guitar effects pedal and add a whole new dimension to your playing.

Two killer ways to mix your guitar with your organ effects

There's no denying that the Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine's effects are absolutely awe inspiring, but you can really work some magic by blending your dry guitar tone into the mix. Lucky for you, Electro-Harmonix decided to give you two cool ways to do this. If you're like most of us, and you only gig with a single amp, then you can simply blend the two sounds together via the designated Dry and Keys knobs. But, if you're in the studio or you're more of a high-tech guitarist, then you'll appreciate the Key9 Electric Piano Machine's dual outputs, which let you run two amps or set up more complex pedalboard configurations.

• The perfect way to play classic electric piano tones with your guitar
• Transforms your guitar tone - no tracking problems, glitches, mistriggers, or false notes!
• Controls let you set up each instrument's sound to taste
• Many presets have built-in effects such as chorus, phase, and tremolo
• Blend wet and dry signals in the box or send them to separate outputs for complex rig setups
• Combine with the C9 and B9 organ pedals for a complete keyboard rig for guitar