Electro-Harmonix Operation Overlord Overdrive Pedal

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Electro-Harmonix Operation Overlord Overdrive Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Overlord overdrive effects pedal originated from the idea of giving keys players a way to add great-sounding grit to their sounds. But the guitarists at EHX quickly realized that the Overlord's FET-based overdrive delivered the tube amp-like tone and feel that guitarist clamor for. So the company went about adding even more guitarist-friendly features, such as an independently footswitchable boot, a dry blend, and more. No matter how you intend to run your EHX Overlord, it's sure to deliver the warm and gritty tones you're after.

The original inspiration for the Electro-Harmonix Overlord overdrive effects pedal was to allow keys players to access the gritty, tube-style overdrive that guitarists have enjoyed for decades. But when plugged into a standard guitar rig, the Overlord sings with an amp-in-a-box type of tone that will make it the centerpiece of any guitarist's setup. A powerful onboard 3-band EQ shapes the tone, while the huge-sounding bass knob makes the pedal a great option for bass players as well.

The EHX Overlord utilizes a FET-based overdrive circuit to offer grit that goes from jangly breakup to all-out fuzz. Because of its design, the pedal responds extremely well to your playing dynamics and volume knob manipulations. It's much like putting your favorite tube amp right on your pedalboard. The bass control is especially helpful for giving your open-back combos the huge low-end punch of a sealed 4 x 12" cabinet.

EHX is famous for cramming a huge amount of tonal-shaping options into unassuming pedal designs, and the Overlord overdrive is no different. Along with the pedal's 3-band EQ and dirty tones come and independently footswitchable boost. This boost is placed before the overdrive circuit to push your tone into fuzzy territory that remains touch responsive. Stereo I/O will be a huge benefit to keys players and musicians who run stereo rigs. And the pedal's Dry control allows you to blend your unaffected signal back in for added clarity.

• FET-based overdrive that works equally well on keyboard, bass, and guitar
• FET overdrive offers a tube amp-like tone and feel
• Independently footswitchable boost is 100% variable
• Dry control allows you to blend in your unaffected tone
• Input level switch optimizes the pedal to your instrument
• Stereo inputs and outputs are fantastic for use with keyboards
• 3-band EQ for dialing in your tone