Fulltone Full-Drive 3 MOSFET Overdrive/Clean Boost Pedal

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Brand: Fulltone


The Full-Drive 2 has been a huge success over the years, with 150,000 sold over the last 20 years. It's still on many Pro's pedalboards... it’s not going anywhere! But over the years many people have asked: "Please offer a footswitchable independent Clean-Boost channel" as opposed to the FD2’s footswitchable “Distortion Boost” function. So the Custom Shop "20th anniversary Full-Drive 3" was born..5000 units built and SOLD OUT in 8 months. So the next logical step is the Full-Drive3


Three switchable Clipping Modes
"90's" original 90's warm FD2-like voicing. Transparent? NOT! Think Mids, rich Mids, Color, beautiful color. You want transparent? You got the wrong mode.

"Wide Asym"
...that's Wide Asymmetrical, for a beautiful, chimey, more open sound.
Even more asymmetrical than the FD2,

“Comp-Cut” mode:
This mode removes all diode clipping from the opamp, giving it a somewhat clean-boost feature or an aggressive opamp clipping sound on higher “Overdrive” settings. Identical to the FD2.

Completely independent
Discrete JFET Clean Boost channel that can be used by itself! This channel has its own Volume control and a unique mini-knob controlling Germanium Diode "Limiter" function that has to be felt to be really appreciated! Clockwise on this knob takes out the strident, irritating spikes that occur with other clean boosts when you hit the strings hard....absolutely gorgeous feature destined to be a classic. This Boost circuit does not invert the signal like most clean-boosts and can be used with or without the overdrive section of the pedal.

• The Icing on the cake? The housing is about 20% smaller than the traditional FD2