Fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo Delay

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Sku: 676891000261x
Brand: Fulltone

There is nothing funnier than the makers of this new wave of digital and chip-based delays claiming to "sound like a tape echo." One after another they pop out the same old digital and bucket-brigade delays with a few new bells and whistles that supposedly "emulate the warble and tape head saturation of a tape echo" ...Bull-Dookies... That only flies with someone who has never played a good tape echo. For those in the know and in the care, there's no substitute... so settle for an approximation if you must, there's nothing wrong with that... but please spare the rhetoric.

Please take this in the tongue-in-cheek manner it's presented... but PLEASE DO heed the advice within.

• You should not buy a Tape Echo if you've ever asked anyone the following: "Does it run on batteries?"
• You should not buy a Tape Echo if you don't have past tape echo experience.
• You should not buy a Tape Echo as your "gig echo" unless you have experience with tape echos as your gig echo. You most likely do not understand how to operate it, how to maintain it, and most importantly, what to do when something goes wrong. It's like someone thinking they want a real tape recorder in their studio, and then they buy a tape machine and soon the reality sets in that they have to adjust it, align it, clean it, maintain it, understand how it works, etc. It's a commitment!