Fuzzlord Effects Dark Master Echo Delay Pedal

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Fuzzlord Effects Dark Master Echo Delay Pedal

Dark Ambient Echo

Dark & ambient covering slapback to spacious delay lines. The Dark Master handles low tunings on guitar or bass and is voiced to emulate old tape echos giving a cavernous reverb-like ambience. In similar fashion of older tape echos, the more you push the boundaries of the effect the resulting sounds start to get more lo-fi and gritty


• MIX: This is your Wet/Dry blend. At minimum, you’ll get no wet delay signal. As you turn it up, you increase the volume of the delay line and maximum the delay line is slightly louder than your dry signal.
• Dark: Lo pass tone control that filters the echo repeats. Turning clockwise cuts the amount of treble present in the delay signal giving a cavernous tape like tone.
• TIME: This controls the Dark Master’s delay speed. Lower settings will give you shorter repeats and higher settings will give you longer repeats. The delay time goes up to about 500ms.
• FDBK: Feedback controls the amount of delay repeats. At minimum, you get a single repeat. As you turn the knob up, you’ll introduce more delay repeats. When you get to the upper limit of the the control, the Dark Master will start to self oscillate.


• Power: Use only a 9v center negative 2.1mm power supply. They recommend using an isolated power supply to avoid noise issues.
• Dimensions: Length: 4.72" x 3.70" x 1.34"
• Switching: True bypass soft switching
• Current Draw: 63mA