Gallien-Krueger Neo410/8 - 800W 8ohm 4x10" Cabinet

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Gallien-Krueger Neo 410 4x10" 800-Watt Bass Cabinet w/Horn 8-ohm

What's on your bass cabinet wish list? How does tight, extended low end, superb mid- and high-frequency articulation, and massive power handling grab you? If this sounds like your cup of tea, then we've got a bass cab you should take a look at: the Gallien-Krueger Neo 410. The Neo 410 is fitted with four of GK's paragon cast-frame neodymium woofers, plus their innovative horn bi-amp system (which can also be run full-range). The combination delivers beaucoup definition in the highs and mids, and punchy low end down to 30Hz - particularly welcome news for 5- and 6-string players.

Packed with seriously professional performance, you'd expect this cab to be hefty, but here's more good news: the Neo 410 weighs only 68 lbs. Build quality? GK-tough. Custom interlocking corners and lightweight poplar construction keep the weight low and roadworthiness high. Gallien-Krueger Neo series cabinets incorporate special bracing to eliminate standing waves while providing rock-solid structural support to reduce cabinet resonance. This gives your sound great definition, projection, and presence. Finished in durable black Tolex, the Neo 410 comes with removable nickel-plated casters. If your wish list includes a Mariana-Trench-deep low end, clearly articulated mids and highs, immense power handling, and lumbar-friendly weight, the Gallien-Krueger Neo 410 is an excellent choice.

• 4 x 10" cast-frame neodymium woofers deliver tight, extended lows
• A high-quality horn serves up articulated mids and highs
• System may be run bi-amped or full-range
• The flexibility of both speakON and 1/4" inputs
• Roadworthy construction
• Tough Tolex covering
• Includes removable nickel-plated casters
• Weighs in at a manageable 68 lbs.

• Configuration - 4 x 10"
• Power Handling - 800W
• Impedance - 8 ohms (4 ohms Available by Special Order)
• Cabinet Type - Straight
• Construction Materials - Poplar
• Inputs - 1 x speakON, 1 x 1/4"
• Height - 26.5"
• Width - 23.5"
• Depth - 18.5"
• Weight - 68 lbs.