Goodwood Audio Buzzkill Ground Lift and Phase Correction Junction Box

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Buzzkill - Ground Loop and Phase Issue Correction

Buzzkill comes with ground lift and phase correction for players that want to run more than one amp.

Ground Lift – There are times when two amps are being used that an audible hum/buzz can be heard coming out of your amps. When plugged into one amp only, the hum/buzz is not present. This is commonly referred to as a ground loop, which happens when there is more than one path to earth. To safely fix this common problem, a transformer is needed to isolate your second amp and create one path to ground. Push the red ground lift button to isolate your right amp from your left.

Phase Correction – Another common issue when running two amps is phase cancellation. Some amps are in phase in relation to each other and other amps are not. When amps are out of phase with each other they are cancelling each other out and is most noticeable in the lower frequencies. Normally this would mean you can’t use those amps together. With the black phase correction button you can now put two amps that were out of phase, back in phase and working together. To access this, turn on the transformer (red button) and flip the phase (black button).


You can place Buzzkill last in your signal chain on your pedal board OR inside the wall of your amp and patch it in before your amps input jack.


• Buzzkill does not require power.
• Dimensions (LxWxH) – 2.44" x 4.37" W x 1.22" (including all jacks and push buttons).
• Made in Sydney, Australia