Hiwatt UK DR20/0.5 Little Rig MkII Switchable 20W/0.5W Hand-Wired Guitar Head

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Brand: Hiwatt
Hiwatt DR20/0.5 Little Rig MkII Switchable 20W/0.5W Guitar Amplifier Head


Legendary headroom - clean and clear sounds - uniquely rich in 3rd and 5th Harmonics, Hiwatt has carved out a place in the tonal history of Rock and Roll. Rugged enough for use on the world’s biggest stages and immortalized on some of the world’s greatest albums - Hiwatt Custom Shop Amplifiers are professional studio/stage gear.

HLR20/0.5 - The ‘Little Rig’ - HIWATT ‘LITTLE RIG’

This hand wired amp is based on the DR103 circuit to give you the sound that has made Hiwatt Famous.
Hiwatt has internally linked the inputs and added the ability to switch from 20 watts down to 0.5 watt to allow you to practice backstage or even in your living room.

Don’t be misled, at 20 watts this amp is anything but ‘little’ sounding . Paired with a complimentary Fane 1x12” Speaker and Cabinet, this ‘cool looking Hiwatt stack’ is now a Great Sounding ‘Rig’.

• Normal and Brilliant channels. Versatile and intuitive, perfect for bringing life out of dark pickups or taming shrill high end in bright pickups.
• Link input giving control of both channels simultaneously for extra punch and full control of your EQ. Unleash the ’jumped’ channel sound Hiwatt is famous for.
• Volume for any gig - Switchable wattage allows switching from 20W down to 0.5W for bedroom playing and smaller venues.


• Normal Volume
• Brilliant Volume
• 3-Band EQ shared by both channels - Bass, Treble, Middle
• Presence - Treble Boost shared by both channels
• Master Volume
• Standby - On/Off
• Mains - On/Off


• Wattage: Switchable - 20W or 0.5W
• Channels: Normal and Brilliant
• Inputs: Normal; Brilliant; Linked
• Output: 2 x 1/4" Speaker Out
• Preamp Valves: 4 x ECC83 (12AX7)
• Output Valves: 2 x EL84
• Voltage: 115v or 240v (Based on your region)
• Impedance: Switchable using Variable Impedance Inputs on the rear panel - 4 ohm, 8 ohm, or 16 ohm
• Based on Hiwatt’s original circuit designed by Dave Reeves.
• Transformers Built-in England.
• Meticulously hand-wired to Harry Joyce’s exacting military standards.
• Proudly manufactured in Hiwatt's Custom Shop in Doncaster, England.
• Road Ready - Rugged 18mm Birch-Ply Construction
• Band Ready - ’Burned In’ and Tested by their Custom Shop Technicians
• Touring Ready - World Impedance Inputs