Lanikai CMTU-C Curly Mango TunaUke Ukulele Concert

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Brand: Lanikai
Lanikai CMTU-C Curly Mango TunaUke Ukulele Concert

Lanikai's groundbreaking TunaUke Technology is now available in Curly Mango! Our new CMTU Series features a hand selected Hawaiian Curly Mango body, appointed with maple binding and abalone rosette for a genuine Hawaiian look. Combined with Lanikai's innovative TunaUke adjustable saddle system, these Mango ukuleles can be perfectly intonated with no tools necessary to within a few cents on every single fret. Lanikai has refined the art of ukulele build, function, and appearance with the new CMTU-C Curly Mango Concert. Enjoy a 19 fret Rosewood Fingerboard on a traditional Concert body shape, Genuine Lanikai by Aquila Strings, Die Cast Tuners, and a genuine Mango sound straight from the Big Island! TunaUke Technology - A Ukulele Revolution! The sweet tone of the ukulele has been heard around the world - from the most prestigious stages to the most remote beaches, leaving a smile everywhere it goes! In the midst of all of that joy however, one problem has always remained - ukuleles have terrible intonation!Play a simple chord and a ukulele sounds beautiful - but play something more advanced, play with other instruments, or move further up the neck and the problem becomes clear. If the ukulele was to claim and keep it's place as a world class instrument, it's intonation must be fixed!Three years, and a fleet of mechanical engineers later, Lanikai Ukuleles is proud to present TunaUke! A revolutionary system that improves ukulele intonation by 90% and opens a new world of possibilities for writing, performing, and simply enjoying a more-musical ukulele than ever before!

• Number of Frets: 19
• Binding: Maple
• Nut/saddle : Lanikai TunaUke
• Fret board: Rosewood
• Machines: Chrome Die-Cast Geared
• Abalone Rosette
• Size: Concert
• Curly Hawaiian Mango Body
• Mahogany Neck
• Model: CMTU-C