Lovepedal Eternity Kanji 9 Overdrive Pedal - Motor City Guitar 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

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Brand: Lovepedal
Lovepedal created this Special Limited Edition Eternity Kanji 9 Overdrive in a custom graphic to help celebrate Motor City Guitar's 25th Anniversary, and our longtime friendship with Sean, Lovepedal's owner and founder. The Eternity Kanji 9 Overdrive was chosen for its legendary tone and enhanced versatility and "tweakability".

The Lovepedal Kanji 9 Overdrive was built for people who wanted more opportunities to tweak the tone to their own liking. If you love dialing your tones in, the Kanji 9 was made for you.

The Lovepedal Kanji 9 Overdrive features all the extended lows and warm tones that made the Lovepedal Eternity an unqualified success. The shimmer and sparkle we all love are still there and with the addition of two 3-way toggles that vary diode clipping stages, the gain structure can be changed to "nine different settings" all with the flip of a switch. Add the fact that this Kanji 9 was designed to be stacked or integrated with anything. The Kanji 9's tonal palate truly is limitless.

Controls include Volume, Tone and Drive plus there are two 3-way mini-toggles. The 3-way toggle on the left side of the pedal works in conjunction with the unit's tone control as a tone control/treble boost configuring 3 different EQ shapes. The 3 way mini-toggle on the right side of the pedal is a clipping selector which configures 3 different modes in conjunction with the drive control.