Mad Professor Simble Pre Driver Boost Pedal

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Mad Professor Simble Predriver Boost Pedal

If you’ve ever played a Simble, you know that it’s a box rich in tone. And if someone’s going to slap the Simble name on a different box, you had best bet that it’s going to be just as packed with tone as anything else. Enter: the Simble Predriver.

It’s not just a boost, it’s a preamp with several tuneful qualities, such as compression and harmonic enhancement. The Hot and Cool switch reaches a maximum of 10 decibels of boost, while adding a delicious glaze over your tone. Using the Predriver with your volume knob can yield great results.

A preamp is meant to be an always-on device, and the folks at Mad Professor realize this, utilizing ultra-low-noise components to preserve everything you like about your guitar, and nothing you don’t. Furthermore, the Simble Predriver has an ultra-high-impedance input to accept all types of inputs, even normally-problematic piezo pickups. The output is low-impedance so placing fuzz pedals after it is no problem.


• Up to 10dB boost between Hot and Cool switch positions
• Ultra high impedance input for boosting even piezo pickups
• Low impedance output to adapt to any pedal following it
• Standard 9v center-negative power operation, with a super-low current draw