Marshall MA100C 2x12 Tube Combo

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Brand: Marshall
Marshall MA100C

Although this Marshall MA100C 100-watt all-tube combo amplifier is priced to fit your budget, rest assured that it's a true Marshall tube amp, inside and out! The 2-channel, 2 x 12" MA100C gives you everything from sparkling clean tones all the way to molten sustain, and its solo-friendly boost switch and Crunch Balance knob allow you to effectively add another "channel" to your onstage arsenal. You also get onboard reverb, an effects loop, and a 2-button footswitch with the massive-sounding, versatile, and affordable Marshall MA100C!

Tweak your favorite tones with two channels (and then some)
The MA100C gives you clean and overdrive channels, each with an independent volume control and a 3-band EQ for serious tone shaping. The overdrive channel is equipped with an additional gain knob, a boost switch, and Crunch Balance knob. The gain knob adds an additional level of gain staging, providing the classic Marshall crunch sound. Engaging the boost switch delivers a mean Marshall grind for effortless soloing or powerful metal riffing. The MA100C's Crunch Balance knob sets the level difference between the overdrive and boost levels, effectively yielding a three-channel sound. An included footswitch allows switching between the current channel settings.

Add dimension to your sound
The Marshall MA100C combo gives you presence and resonance controls in the Master section, for an extra dimension of overall tonal control with a wide range of sound shadings. A select spring reverb is built in; the depth of the reverb effect is also controlled in the Master section. From subtle to outrageous, these functions add a ton of tonal goodness to the MA100C's already amazing range of sounds!

Authentic Marshall tube power means authentic Marshall tone
Want power? The MA100C's got it! Its power amp stage features four EL34 pentode tubes; the preamp stage uses three ECC83 (or 12AX7) dual triode tubes. This tried-and-true combination gives you the authentic, heavy Marshall sound you know and love. The rear panel has serial effects loop In and Out jacks plus 8-Ohm and 16-Ohm speaker outputs. The MA100C's included footswitch also connects via the rear panel.


• Output: 100 watts
• Tubes: 3 x ECC83, 4 x EL34
• Channels: Two
• Overdrive boost
• Crunch Balance control
• 3-band EQ per channel
• Spring reverb
• Effects loop
• 2-way footswitch
• Speakers: 2 x 12"
• Dimensions: 26.77" x 20.07" x 10.43"
• Weight: 62.6 lbs.