Maxon OD-9 Overdrive Pedal

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Sku: 840433000204
Brand: Maxon
The Maxon OD-9 is the original Tube Screamer TS9 circuit built by the company that designed this immensely popular overdrive pedal. They left no boxes unchecked by including a genuine JRC4558 and the only departure from the original is the inclusion of true bypass switching, a modern necessity. The OD-9 offers slightly more gain than the OD808.

The Maxon OD-9 uses a signal-distorting diode (Panasonic #MA150) that is located in the amplifier stage's negative feedback loop (this stage also contains the JRC4558 IC chip). Therefore, the OD-9 distorts signal in the amplifier section itself which yields a smoother, milder, more natural sounding distortion than a separate clipping stage. This is also the reason that the IC type used in the circuit has such a large impact on the unit's tone. Maxon developed this unique design decades ago, an industry first that is commonplace today.

Like the OD808, the OD-9 provides the natural, mild overdrive of a tube amp without sacrificing the guitar's original tone. It can also be used as a clean booster to provide increased gain from an amplifier.


• Identical to the original circuit and featuring the JRC4558 IC chip
• Natural tube-like overdrive that smoothly responds to dynamic signals
• True Bypass Switching
• Low noise mechanical switch
• LED indicator for effect on/off
• DC power or 9V battery
• Made in Japan