Mbrace Stand Mounted Guitar Holder - Play Electric, Acoustic or Bass Guitar Ontage Hands/Strap Free

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Brand: Mbrace
Note: The Mbrace is unfortunately now out of production. We are searching for a suitable replacement for this popular product, please feel free to check back with us!

Have you ever been to a concert and noticed an acoustic guitar mounted on a stand, enabling musicians to seamlessly switch between playing an electric and acoustic guitar without missing a beat? Here's how it's done!

Mbrace attaches to any conventional tripod microphone stand and works equally well with any electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, either right or left handed. Mbrace provides the support, comfort, freedom, and versatility that every guitarist needs while not compromising the performance or sound of the instrument. It is equally useful for displaying your guitar.

• Securely supports instruments in playing position
• Universal design adapts to virtually any instrument with two strap buttons
• Works with electric, acoustic and bass guitars
• Works with right or left-handed instruments
• Attaches to conventional microphone stand (not included)