Metropoulos MP100 Metro-Plex 100-watt Tube Head

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Metropoulos MP100 Metro-Plex Tube Guitar Head

The MetroPlex amp has been updated. With the addition of the JTM 45/100 mode, it now offers you all the classic '60s Plexi voicings under one roof, with the ability to apply a boost function to any of its voicings, giving them a lift above and beyond where they’ve ever been able to go before. You now have squeaky clean to full-on scream at your fingertips and toe tips via the foot pedal. Here is a breakdown of the new functions:


• Each mode, PLEXI and MOD, now has two possible voicings.
• PLEXI mode is now be selectable between the JTM 45/100 voicing and '68 Superlead voicing.
• MOD mode is now selectable between the '68 Superlead voicing and Modded Superlead voicing.
• The 45/100 is new. The '68 Superlead and modded Superlead voicings are the established tones from the original Metro-Plex. This functionality allows all the following combinations of voicings to be accessible via the footswitch:
• 45/100 and '68 Superlead
• 45/100 and Modded Superlead
• '68 Superlead and Modded Superlead (the original Metro-Plex arrangement)
• BOOST will always be a separate function, which can be applied to any mode. Think of it as a high voltage, clean boost in front of the amp. Just built in.

Welcome to the new Metropoulos Metro-Plex 100/50 watt head featuring a PLEXI MODE w/ master, a MODDED PLEXI MODE w/ master, a BOOST MODE, a built in variac and built in FX loop. The master volumes truly allow bedroom volume without degrading the tone, like no other before.

The Metro-Plex is based on the tone of a 1968 Superlead played through a 1968 basketweave slant cab loaded with G12M speakers. NOTHING else sounds like this amp - until now. That tone is the heart of the new Metro-Plex amp, called PLEXI MODE. Add in a circuit mod and you are in MODDED MODE. Time for a solo, hit the footswitch for BOOST MODE, a high voltage FET boost built into the front of the amp - and it has a separate master volume.

Also included in this design is Metropoulos' reknowned Zero Loss FX loop, switchable for pedal level or rack level operation. Foot-switchable.

• Variac mode simulates using a variac to operate a plexi at 90V AC.
• Switchable for 50 or 100 watts output.
• Matching 4-12 and 2-12 cabs designed, loaded and voiced specifically with this amp.