Metropoulos MP100 Super-Plex Electric Guitar 100-watt Tube Amplifier Head - Silver

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Metropoulos MP100 Super-Plex Electric Guitar 100-watt Tube Amplifier Head - Silver

The new Metropoulos Super-Plex is the final word in early plexi tones with modern versatility. George's all-new design captures the best 45/100 tones and delivers them to you with the control and reliability 21st Century players demand. KT66 tubes provide iconic British cleans and overdrive.

As the Metro-Plex is to the iconic '68 era Superlead plexi, the Super-Plex is to the earlier KT66 based plexis. From the tweed tone origins of the JTM 45 to the thundering 45/100 amps that changed guitar tone forever, those tones are present and accounted for in the Super-Plex. More organic and less aggressive than the Metro-Plex, the Super-Plex makes you work a little harder, then rewards you with timeless guitar tones. Cream, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Eric'll find those sounds in this amp.

The stock MODE is based on George Metropoulos' 1966 JTM 45 and goes from clean plexi tones to classic rock overdrive. Hit the mid cut switch and you'll hint at late '50s tweed tones. Crank the mids and you enter into vintage AC30 territory. The dirty MODE picks up where the stock mode leaves off. Saturated overdrive with singing legato notes and driven, but still organic, chunky rhythm tones. So thick and musical, even with single coils. Add our built in BOOST and you'll think you got in a time machine, went back to 1966 and patched a treble booster in front of a pinstripe stack. The hairy, fuzzy tones revisit those heard in early rock live recordings and bootlegs. Think Hendrix at Monterey in '67, Cream at Grande Ballroom in Detroit 1967, Led Zeppelin at Texas International Pop Festival in '69.

• Two switchable gain levels. MODE OFF is based on George's 1966 block end JTM 45. MODE ON is a dirtier voicing with more gain and saturation.
• All the following functions are accessible via the footswitch:
• BOOST on or off
• MODE on or off
• LOOP on or off
• BOOST is a separate function, which can be applied to either mode. Think of it as a high voltage, clean boost in front of the amp with dedicated TREBLE and BASS EQs.
• Variac mode simulates using a variac to operate a plexi at 90V AC.
• Switchable for 50 or 100 watts output.

• Output: 100 watts RMS, 150 watts peak
• Weight: 46 lbs / 21 kg
• Dimensions: 29" x 10.75" x 8.25" (736mm x 275mm x 205mm) (feet not included, add 1.25" to height)
• AC operation: 100, 120, 230, 240V AC 50HZ, 60HZ
• Inputs: high, low
• Controls: gain, treble, middle, bass, presence, master volume, boost gain, boost master, boost treblw, boost bass
• Switches: power, standby, variac, mid cut
• Outputs: speaker impedance, speaker jacks (2)
• Footswitch: 5 pin DIN, 230 degree, TRS (boost, mode), TS (loop)
• FX loop: send, return, level
• Power switch: 100W, 50W
• AC input: IEC
• Fuses: 4A slo mains, 1A slo high voltage, 1A slo gma internal