Mojo Hand FX Recoil Delay Pedal

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The Recoil dishes out 550ms of delay so sweet, you’ll swear its analog to the core. In actuality, the Recoil is an analog-voiced digital delay. Along with your standard controls for Time, Repeat, and Mix, the Recoil features a full range tone knob that goes from clean and clear to warm and dark. Need your echo to cut through the mix? Simply bump the Tone knob up and bask in the ambiance. Want to darken up the repeats for a warm, buttery shade of darkness? Simply roll the Tone down to taste. And just in case you were wondering, yes... when pushed to the limits the Recoil will oscillate itself into oblivion. If overly complex space station delays seem like overkill to you, come to the dark side and experience the Recoil’s thick, simplistic mojo.

Like all Mojo Hand FX the Recoil has hard wired true bypass switching, a die-cast enclosure and a professionally powder coated finish and nothing but the finest components and build techniques available.

The Recoil requires a 9v center negative power supply (not included).