Motor City Guitar Pick Holder Keychain (Also Holds Drum Keys!)

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Sku: PP
Brand: MCG
Motor City Guitar Pick Pouch / Drum Key Holder

Ever show up to your gig or rehearsal, and realize you forgot your guitar picks?

Maybe you're a drummer, and you're constantly losing your drum key at the recording studio, and that snare drum needs a quick tightening before the next take?

Well, this handy-dandy little leather pick pouch is totally the life-saver you're looking for! Not only does it snap-hold a few standard guitar picks in place, it also works as a nifty drum-key holder as well.

Best of fits right on your keychain, so you will always have it on you! Plus, you'll see the Motor City Guitar logo, and remember who was lookin' out for you in those desparate moments!