Mr. Black Ambience Echoverb Reverb / Delay Pedal

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Brand: Mr. Black
Mr. Black Ambience Echoverb Reverb / Delay Pedal

The mood. The setting. The TONE.
As the name suggests, the Ambience pedal creates a delicate wash behind your playing, softening the mood with the syncopation of multi-tap delay and the gentle embrace of ambient reverb.
While it can be used just like a normal delay pedal, there’s some really neat stuff happening under the hood that gives it the vibe, feel and tone it delivers.
Start with a delay pedal, add a second, syncopated echo tap and then modulate them both. Independently. Let those echoes drift into a soft reverb... now we’re getting somewhere.
You should know, the Decay control is really two controls rolled into one knob and simultaneously adjusts the number of echo repeats and how much reverb the repeats have on them. Sound tricky? It’s really easy. And it sounds heavenly.
As you know, every Mr. Black pedal is 100% designed and handmade in the pacific-northwest: here in the south-easy side of Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

• Two modulated echoes, carefully tuned to complement one another in time
• Three simple controls for easy operation and constantly good tone
• Specially designed reverb algorithm rolled into the delay outputs
• True-bypass
• 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin
adapter) or internal 9V battery.