Mr. Black Dark Echo Modulated Echo Generator Delay Pedal

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Brand: Mr. Black
Mr. Black Dark Echo Modulated Echo Generator Delay Pedal

Thank you for supporting Mr. Black and embarking on a journey we started in 2008: the Dark Echo.
Every Mr. Black pedal is designed and handmade in the rainy pacific-northwest; specifically here in the “south-easy” side of Portland, OR.
The Dark Echo is a fluid and lush echo generator with a few special tricks up its sleeve, including our proprietary Sway modulation; a powerful and versatile control only found in Jack Deville and Mr. Black products.
Firing it up:
• Turn the lights down low—this isn’t the bright echo and you gotta set the mood.
• Plug your guitar into the input jack (right side of the pedal) and your amp into the
output jack (left side of the pedal).
• Start with all the knobs set straight up
and down, except the Sway knob—
keep that down for now.
• Depress the footswitch and drift away.
• If you wanna get freaky, start bringing in
the Sway control. Be sure you’ve got your sea legs.

• Approx. 30mS – 450mS delay time
• Endless, rich echoes which get
progressively darker and thicker with
each progressive repeat
• Proprietary Sway modulation
• True-bypass
• 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center
pin adapter) or internal 9V battery