Mr. Black Shepard's End Barber-Pole Through-Zero Infinite Flanger Pedal

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Brand: Mr. Black
Mr. Black Shepard's End Barber-Pole Through-Zero Infinite Flanger Pedal

You have, in your hand, the world’s first ever barber-pole through-zero flanger.
What exactly is a “barber-pole” flanger? Well, it’s like a flanger pedal but instead of the normal up-and-down oscillation, it has a continuous upward or continuous downward cycle. While this sounds impossible, it is totally possible with a little sorcery and some really bad-ass black magic. Of course, the Shepard’s End isn’t limited to always up or always down movement. No, it can actually continually go through the “zero-point” and create a constant wave of that “over the top” sound that very few outboard effects have ever been able to execute. Congrats man. This is fucking incredible. And you have one.
Thank you for supporting Mr. Black, this is truly a unique and amazing pedal.
Making sense of the mystery:
• Get comfy and relaxed. You’re about to experience a sound very few people have ever even considered possible.
• Plug your guitar into the input jack (right side of the pedal) and your amp into the output jack (left side of the pedal).
• Start with all the knobs set straight up.
• Depress the footswitch, strum a chord
and embrace the infinite.
• Turn the WAVE control fully CW and it
just may start making a LOT of sense.
• Add positive or negative regen to
enhance what is happening.

• True, infinite through-zero flanging
• Additive or subtractive regeneration
• True-bypass
• 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center
pin adapter) or internal 9V battery