Nobels ODR-1 Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Gold Edition Natural Overdrive with Bass Cut Control

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Sku: 4029735101109
Brand: Nobels
30th Anniversary Gold ODR-1 with Bass Cut Control

Limited edition (5000 pieces worldwide) – with numbered special packaging, certificate, Anniversary Pick and sticker. (Note: Stock photo, serial numbers will vary)

Over the decades key artists such as Jerry Donahue, Guthrie Trapp, Carl Verheyen, John Shanks, Tim Pierce, Robbie McIntosh, Clem Clempson, Micky Moody and countless other amazing players have made the ODR-1 Natural Overdrive part of their sonic arsenal. While all single coil guitarists as well as most humbucker users and even bassists love the clarity and versatility of the full sound of the ODR-1 some heavy humbucker players asked for the chance to reduce the sub-bass end.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the ODR-1, a special Gold Anniversary Limited Edition run is now available which reflects the classic sound of the golden Nobels ODR-1 era. For the first time upgraded with a continuously adjustable bass cut pot. Nobels has listened to the wishes of the humbucker players and fulfilled them.

From many old 90s “original” ODR-1 pedals, the best sounding pedal was transplanted into the anniversary model. The search for the holy grail “original ODR-1”, at extremely high prices, has surely come to an end.