Orange Amplifiers Terror Stamp 20 Watt Valve Hybrid Guitar Amp Pedal, FX Loop, CabSim

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Brand: Orange
Orange Terror Stamp - 20 Watt HYbrid Valve/Solid State Stompbox Guitar Amplifier

Terror Tones at the Tip of your Toe!


Typically-Orange simplicity, unmistakably-Orange tone. The Terror Stamp’s hybrid Valve/Solid State design gives you the best of both worlds. From crystal-clean to thundering high-gain, the ECC83-based preamp has all the harmonics, dynamics and feel you’d expect, while the 20W Class AB Solid State power amp keeps things small, dependable and sounding great at any volume.


Footswitchable Master Volume controls give you the Terror Stamp’s full range of sounds at two different volumes. Jump right out of the mix for that all-important solo, without sacrificing your carefully crafted tone.


Their exclusive Shape knob crams a whole load of character and control into a single dial. Turn anticlockwise for a mid-forward voicing or clockwise for a classic scoop.


Just like their full-size amps, we’ve given you a fully-buffered, low-impedance FX Loop. Long cable runs? No Problem. True Bypass pedals? Great. The Terror Stamp fits right into your signal chain without ever compromising sound quality. Not only that, but connecting directly to the FX Return turns this little monster into a 20W power amp for whatever pedals, preamps or modellers you can throw at it – with a headphone output too!


It wouldn’t be the perfect pedal amp without a headphone output. Their tried-and-tested, analogue CabSim circuit provides instant access to a very Orange-flavoured 4×12 speaker emulation. Just the thing for late-night practice with headphones, ‘silent’ recording or running direct to PA. The Headphone Output works simultaneously with the Speaker Output for maximum versatility.


• Features: valve preamp, foot-switchable master volume, buffered FX loop, CabSim headphone output
• Controls (left to right): volume, volume, shape, gain
• Output power: 20 watts
• Speaker output: 8/16 ohms
• Unboxed dimensions (H x W x D): 6.1 x 13.4 x 9.9cm (2.4 x 5.4 x 3.9“)
• Unboxed weight: 0.38kg / 0.84lb
• Can be used at the front of your pedalboard as a regular preamp by simply going out the “send” output to the next pedal on your pedalboard