Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Dual-button Footswitch

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Revival Drive Dual-Button Footswitch


With the pedal’s MID ASSIGN switch set to F/SWITCH, this allows you to apply the adjustable mid boost to whichever channel is currently selected.

Please note: the MID BOOST is applied to both the DRY and O.D. signals mixed by the BLEND control. The MID BOOST function is not active when the pedal is in BYPASS mode.

This footswitch “overrides” or removes each channel’s BLEND control from the signal path. With the BLEND knob set for a mix of DRY and O.D. signals, engaging the DRY OVERRIDE effectively removes the DRY component and reverts to a 100% O.D. signal.


As RevivalDRIVE but with added CUSTOM panel controls:

SHELF FREQ – varies the shelf frequency of the top panel HI SHELF filter
CUT FREQ – varies the low-pass frequency of the BRI-CAP CUT filter trimpot on top of the pedal, for optimal compatibility with all vintage Fender, Marshall and Vox amps
ADJ – Turn clockwise to reduce treble and boost bass, and counter-clockwise to increase treble and reduce bass
FREQ – This three-way switch shifts the frequency focus of the EQ up or down
MODE – Select MODE I when using a full-range amp that sounds woolly or muddy. Select MODE II when addressing an overly bright amp that needs taming