Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive Pedal

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Brand: Paul C
Paul Cochrane's "Timmmy" Overdrive

Paul Cochrane's Timmy pedals have been getting a global buzz for being the most transparent overdrive's on the market and highly praised among players.

The Timmy is a 4 knob clean boost/overdrive. Volume, Gain, Treble, Bass. Although it has a basic layout on the surface, the Timmy features a variety of tonal possibilities. Setting the Treble, Bass and Gain all flat will give you a straight clean boost. The Treble and Bass dials are tone cuts. When the dials are turned clockwise, you are rolling off your highs and lows. The Timmy is a low gain overdrive pedal. The overall charm is it's transparency. It's ability to retain the magic/purity of your guitar and amp while just giving it MORE, is remarkable.