Peavey Invective .120 - Misha Mansoor 120-watt Tube Head

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Brand: Peavey
Peavey Invective .120 - 120-watt Tube Head

The Peavey Invective.120 is the signature 120-watt, all-tube electric guitar amplifier head of Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor. Mansoor is a well-known fan of the convenience digital emulation affords, so the invective needed to offer wide-ranging versatility, switching simplicity, and tight high-gain tones that leave the digital world in the dust. With features such as MIDI, a cab-simulated output, and a super-tight noise gate, the Peavey Invective.120 delivers on all fronts. Dig into the Peavey Invective.120 amp head — you'll find everything you need and much more.

To pull off his genre-defining range of tones and techniques, Misha Mansoor requires an electric guitar amp head that delivers top-quality tones from crystal clear to over-the-top distortion. The Peavey Invective.120 more than obliges. The crunch and lead channels are voiced after Peavey's legendary 6505 tube amp line. And the clean channel is specifically engineered to deliver completely clean tone at any volume level, while also having footswitchable options to push it a bit harder. No matter what shade of gain you need, the Invective.120 has it covered.

The Peavey Invective.120 all-tube amplifier head is packed to the brim with added features that are sure to benefit players wanting the same tonal flexibility as many modeling units. A noise gate is featured on the front of the unit that boasts an incredibly fast response — perfect for precise palm-muted riffs. The amp's half-power switch dials it in for performance spaces small to large. Dual 9-volt, 500mA outputs on the back of the amp power pedals you'd rather leave out of harm's way. And dual effects loops allow you to assign what channels you want them to affect.

Not only does the Invective.120 sport a bevy of player-friendly features, it also offers a brilliant array of switching options, allowing you to access all your tones quickly whether at rehearsal or as part of a large onstage setup. The amp head ships with a rugged footswitch that accesses nearly every feature onboard the amp. You'll be able to switch your loops, channels, noise gate, boosts, and more. Or switch to one of the nine preset modes and completely change your tone with a single stomp. And MIDI functionality adds an even more powerful level of switching that will integrate into a larger system.

Silent stages are becoming more and more prevalent in every genre of music. The Invective.120 caters to this with its MSDI Direct Output feature. You're able to send a high-quality, cabinet-simulated signal to your front of house or recording console. And the controls for level, tone, and ground lift, which were voiced in collaboration with Joe Satriani, ensure your audience hears exactly what you want them to.

• Versatile signature amp for Periphery's Misha Mansoor
• 120-watt, 3-channel design offers plenty of power and tone
• Preamps designed around the popular 6505 sound
• Pristine cleans available
• Half-power switch is great for smaller venues
• MIDI in and outs integrate the amp into more involved stage setups
• 2 x 3-band equalizers
• 2 footswitchable effects loops offer instant recall of your tones
• Noise gate is designed for incredibly fast sound cutoff
• 2 x 9-volt, 500mA outputs on the back power pedals you want to leave on top of the amp
• Cab-emulated direct output with controls for level, tone, and ground lift

• Type - Tube
• Number of Channels - 3
• Total Power - 120W (half power switchable)
• EQ - 3-band EQ
• Preamp Tubes - 6 x 12AX7
• Power Tubes - 4 x JJ 6L6GC
• Inputs - 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
• Outputs - 2 x 1/4" (4/8/16 ohms), 1 x XLR (DI out)
• Effects Loop - Dual effects loops
• MIDI I/O - Out/Thru
• Footswitch I/O - 8-pin DIN (footswitch included)
• Features - Gate threshold control, 500ma pedal power supply, bias test points
• Power Supply - Standard IEC AC cable, 2 x 9V DC outputs
• Height - 10.0"
• Width - 26.7"
• Depth - 11.8"
• Weight - 48.3 lbs.
• Manufacturer Part Number - 03615860