Peavey invective 212 - 120-watt 2x12" Extension Cabinet

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Brand: Peavey
Peavey Invective 212 - 120-watt 2x12" Extension Cabinet

When designing his signature Invective.120 electric guitar amplifier head, Misha Mansoor and Peavey knew the amp needed a cabinet that would faithfully translate the amp's variety of tonal options. They achieved this goal with the Peavey Invective.212, 2 x 12" cab. Loaded with one Celestion Vintage 30 and one Celestion Creamback, the cab balances warm vintage tones with the cutting mids of the Vintage 30. And the Invective.212 boasts parallel inputs for sending each speaker its own signal.

Peavey partnered with Celestion speakers to voice their Invective.212 120-watt 2 x 12" cabinet. They chose to pair a midrange-heavy 60-watt Vintage 30 with the warmer tones of a 60-watt Creamback. When played together, this pairing balances the cut you need for punching through the band with the rounder tones of the Creamback. This is especially beneficial when separately miking each speaker. You're able to blend the signals of both to taste.

There are two ways to run the Invective.212 guitar cabinet. You can plug a single input to achieve the full 120 watts at 16 ohms. Step back and you'll hear the full glory of the Vintage 30 and Creamback working together. And the Invective.212 120-watt cabinet features parallel inputs. You're able to run separate signals into each speaker — great for stereo setups as well as wet-dry rigs. In this rig, you'll gain 60 watts from each speaker at 8 ohms.

• Misha Mansoor signature 2x12" speaker cabinet
• Perfect match for Peavey's Invective.120 electric guitar amp head
• Pairs a Celestion Vintage 30 and Creamback for modern and vintage tonalities
• Parallel input allows you to run a mono or 2 separate signals
• Handles 120 watts at 16 ohms
• Solid pine finger-jointed construction

• Configuration - 2 x 12"
• Speakers - Celestion Vintage 30, Creamback G12H-75
• Power Handling - 120W
• Impedance - 16 ohms (mono), 2 x 8 ohms (stereo)
• Cabinet Type - Straight
• Open/Closed Back - Closed
• Construction Material - Finger-jointed solid Pine
• Mono/Stereo - Switchable
• Inputs - 2 x 1/4"
• Height - 21.0"
• Width - 30.5"
• Depth - 16.5"
• Weight - 58.2 lbs.
• Manufacturer Part Number - 03616670