Pigtronix BST Class A Boost Pedal

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Sku: 181118000134
Brand: Pigtronix

• Discreet “Class A” FET transistor audio path
• Boosts Instrument or Line Level inputs
• Max output before clipping: 8.0V p-p
• Up to 20db of CLEAN boost
• 20Hz - 20KHz frequency response
• True Bypass
• Pigtronix 18VDC adapter included
• Circuit Design by Howard Davis
• Sound Design by David Koltai
• Chassis Size = 2.4" x 4.4" x 1"


The Pigtronix Class A Boost will fatten up and boost anything you feed it. Our deceptively simple design uses discreet transistors in a single-ended “Class A” configuration to achieve the warmest possible tone. This remarkable preamp can deliver up to 20db of clean boost and remains effective with both instrument and line level signals.

Superior signal to noise performance allows you to put the Class A Boost anywhere in your pedal chain. It can add punch and extra output to a classic overdrive sound and is able to push distortion pedals into extremely aggressive crunch land. Class A Boost is also ideal for hitting the front end of a tube amp to achieve an added layer of sweetness and fat tone.

This pedal runs fine on 9 volts but ships with an 18 volt adapter for superior headroom and maximum punch. Make your sound 1 louder with this handsomely dressed, J-FET masterpiece from Pigtronix.