Prescription Electronics Yardbox 4-Knob Germanium Fuzz Pedal

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Yardbox - Fuzz

Four-knob take on the Sola Sound Tone Bender fuzz of Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

The controls function as follows. The Volume controls the lever output; Tone is a combination treble/bass adjustment; Fuzz allows the user to select the intensity of fuzz, with the counter-clockwise position being the maximum fuzz. The fuzz will not alter the output from minimum to maximum. The Gain also controls the output level of the pedal and can be used to increase the intensity and attack of the tone itself. When in the minimum setting (clock-wise), the clarity and character of the guitar tone will be most noticeable (a Strat will still sound like a Strat). When in the maximum gain position (counter-clockwise), the sound will most closely approximate the original Sofa Tonebender. The gain can be used to dial in the user's personal preference.

Although the Yardbox works best in smaller amps, with the addition of the gain control, it can be matched up to today's larger, louder amps. The pedal also works well when used at lower guitar volume settings, allowing the user to control the tone from the guitar to achieve dynamics without that woofy-compressed sound. A truly versatile fuzzbox that awaits the user's imagination.

Note: Finishes and knob styles may vary with Precription pedals. We are happy to send photos of the current options upon request.