Psvane 12AX7 / ECC83 Preamp Tube

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Brand: Psvane
Psvane ECC83 / 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

The Psvane ECC83 is a high quality, high gain, dual triode. This tube has a noval base and is praised for its warm and complex sound. The Psvane ECC83 works well in any ECC83 / 12AX7 position.

The Psvane Classic Series is focused on the reproduction of popular vacuum tubes found in classic audio equipment. When designing the Classic Series, Psvane collected the most sought-after NOS tubes and analyzed each element of their construction, incorporating the most effective manufacturing techniques to produce stable tubes with excellent sound. Whether used in guitar amplifiers or hifi stereo systems, the Psvane Classic Series vacuum tubes excel in all applications.

Psvane has been producing high quality vacuum tubes since 2011. The Psvane team originally formed in Shuguang’s high-end tube division but eventually split off to form their own brand. Psvane has since acquired their own manufacturing facilities with the goal of improving the production and performance of vacuum tubes.


• Base: Noval
• Bulb Width: 23 mm (0.90")
• Ca: 0.33 pF
• Cg/a: 1.7 pF
• Cg/k: 1.6 pF
• If: 300/150 mA
• Max. Ik: 8 mA
• Max. Rg: 2.2M ohm
• Max. Rk/f: 150 kohm
• Max. Ua: 300 V
• Max. Ug: -50V
• Max. Uk/f: 180 V
• Max. Wa: 1 W
• Pin Height: 7 mm (0.275")
• Total Height: 57 mm (2.24")
• Typ. Ia: 1.2 mA
• Typ. Ri: 62.5k ohm
• Typ. S: 1.6 mA/V
• Typ. Ua: 250 V
• Typ. Ug: -2 V
• Typ. µ: 100
• Uf: 6.3/12.6 V