Rainger FX Flanger-X Flanger Pedal w/ Igor Pressure Pad Controller

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Brand: Rainger FX
Rainger FX Flanger-X Flanger Pedal w/ Igor Pressure Pad Controller

The Flanger-X is a digital flanger, the latest in their ‘X’ series of mini-pedals. It does anything from a slight chorus through to a massive modulation, from ‘stationary’ flange tones to ultra-fast wobbles. And it also has a built-in huge rocket launch sound reproduction - to mix in to exaggerate the flanger into a colossal sweep - at some settings overwhelming the actual instrument sound itself!

The Flanger-X is the flangiest flanger that ever flanged!!!

It’s true-bypass, and digital - and features an analogue sound reproduction of a space rocket launch, as it burns through the atmosphere heading to space! This sound is envelope-controlled, or on all the time, or just in specific bursts whenever you press Igor. Add in the amount needed - maybe have it completely silent, or up full to really blast away the cobwebs...


The main controls are ‘Flange’ - for amount of the effect, ‘Rate’ - from stationary to weirdly fast, ‘Rocket’ - from nothing to full blast, ‘Vol’, and ‘FBK’ - for those twangy fast-repeat echo trails.

There’s an ‘Igor’ switch, changing it from speed ramp-up to momentary noise burst. The ‘Env’ switch changes the rocket sound from envelope-controlled to always-on.

There’s a ‘Peak’ LED - to show that the digital input is overloading; this does no damage at all, but happens when ‘rocket’ is on full - adding the final distorted intensity to the sound.

About the rocket noise

This is a full-frequency, three-dimensional analogue rocket sound simulation, with the muffled pops and low roar of a heavy-lift vehicle launching. The sound is partly achieved - at full ‘rocket’ setting - by overloading the input to the digital flanger circuit, adding an extra layer of bubbling distortion.

Turn down this knob and the rocket seems to move away (through a cloud layer...?!)

On the ‘ENV’ setting however, the rocket sound follows the envelope of the signal, and has most of its low-end rolled off - just adding texture and keeping it out of the way of the main tone of the notes you’re playing.

Play the Flanger-X into some sort of drive pedal after it, and it adds a really exciting fizz, with dramatic silence in the quiet bits.

Igor Expression Pad

• Easy, real-time control of effects pedal parameters!
• A small, light expression pedal with no moving parts.
• Has dual sensitivity.
• Use with foot or by hand!

It's to have some real-time control of effects when possible, so instead of carrying round big rocker ‘wah wah’ style expression pedals, Rainger FX uses their pressure-sensitive expression pad, ‘Igor’. It’s called ‘Igor’ because it first came into being as the assistant to their Dr Freakenstein Fuzz (now discontinued).

All of the Rainger FX pedals that use an Igor are already supplied with one (other than the Stealth). However, if yours goes missing you can order a replacement from Rainger FX.

The pad is 55mm in diameter, no moving parts and very light (35 times lighter than a standard cast metal treadle-type pedal!!!). It has dual sensitivity; use it shiny side up on a hard stage, or with shoes, standing – or rubber side up if you’re barefoot or sitting down. Or use it by hand. The cable is approximately 22.5" (57cm) long.

It’s not as precise as a ‘rocker’ style expression pedal, but is a simple solution to foot-controlled expression on-the-fly!

NOTE; Igor comes with a 3.5mm stereo mini jackplug (sleeve unconnected), and is designed for use with Rainger FX products. Might work with someone else’s? Maybe, don’t know – depends on the type of expression pedal they’d normally use, but you’d probably need a 1/4" adaptor to use it.


• Massive flanging - from a mini-pedal
• Mix in a huge rocket launch simulation - for next-level intensity!
• Can do clean chorus-y shimmer
• Includes Igor pressure-sensitive controller pad
• Modulation speed adjustable in real-time
• A digital flanger with analogue rocket sound - internally created
• A custom Rainger FX enclosure