Ross Chorus / Vibrato Pedal

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Sku: 650415212583
Brand: Ross
Ross Chorus / Vibrato Pedal

The ROSS Chorus is a true-analog bucket-brigade chorus, utilizing a V3207 chipset. While this pedal excels at the vintage bucket-brigade chorus and vibrato tones you’ve heard for decades, these straightforward controls can also create a wide range of textures and are versatile enough for any music style.


“Rate” controls the speed of the LFO (left is slower, right is faster). “Depth” controls the depth, or perceived mix of the chorus effect (left is less, right is more). The side switch toggles between two modes: Chorus and Vibrato (reminiscent of effect pedals like the BOSS VB-2). The footswitch activates the pedal via soft touch bypass switching. The status LED indicates the circuit is active.


The 1/4" input and output jacks connect to your guitar and amplifier. The power jack accepts standard 9V DC Negative Center power and consumes 47mA.