Seymour Duncan Antiquity for Telecaster®, bridge pickup

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Seymour Duncan has a great time re-creating the beauty of an early '50s lead pickup Tele®. Using vintage techniques, each pickup is hand-fabricated and scatter-wound. All parts of the pickup are aged and given the look of a pickup played for 40 years! Like the originals, the ferrous bottom plates are not wax-potted for that "breakin'-up Tele twang tone" that's just on the verge of feedback. The pickups are Dun-Aged™ and come with mounting hardware, schematics, and tons of tone! The hookup wire is the classic "p back" cloth braid wire.

top pickup length: 2.870
top pickup width: .770
bottom pickup length: 2.885
bottom pickup width: 1.510
total pickup height: .678
total magnet height: .625
winding direction: top coming
magnet polarity: south
calibrated?: yes
pickup cover length: none
pickup cover width: none
pickup cover height: none
height adjustment: 6/32 round head, slotted
magnet pattern: all flush with top & bottom of pickup
DC Ohms: 6.4K
Inductance: 2.1 henries
Q : 2.05