Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal

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Robust Delay with Wet Channel Loop

Add a dash, or a gob, of vintage-vibed delay to your sound with Seymour Duncan's Vapor Trail delay pedal. The all-analog design uses the famed bucket brigade chip for a warm, full sound with delay times of up to 600ms. Beyond the typical delay pedal controls, Seymour Duncan also shoe-horned in a wet channel loop. This loop lets you add effects to your wet signal, like flange and/or distortion, to create cool and unique sounds. You can also use it to feed multi-amp setups, or plug in a volume pedal to control the wet mix on the fly. Of course, the Vapor Trail pedal is true bypass to keep your tone pristine when not in use. If you're looking for a delay pedal on steroids, then you need to check out the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail!

• Vintage-sounding, all-analog bucket brigade delay pedal with wet/dry mix
• Put your wet sound through your favorite pedals or split the signal to two amps with the wet channel loop
• Dial in precise settings with Mix, Rate, Depth, Delay, and Repeat controls
• Use a volume pedal to control the wet/dry mix via the effects loop
• True bypass switching to keep your tone pure when the effect isn't in use
• Assembled in Santa Barbara, California