Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack Telecaster Pickup Set

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Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack Telecaster Pickup Set

The Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack Telecaster Set includes the STK-T1n neck (rhythm) pickup and the STK-T3b lead (bridge) pickup in a specially priced combo package. The STK-T1n and STK-T3b are vintage-voiced humbuckers for Fender Telecaster. Perfect for traditional country, country pop, chicken pickin', rockabilly, blues, and classic rock. Set includes both rhythm (neck: STK-T1n) and lead (bridge: STK-T3b) positions. For all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards. Players include Brent Mason, Pete Anderson / Dwight Yoakam, Dale Oliver / Blackhawk & Reba McIntire, Ronnie Montrose, Matt Bellamy / Muse, Matt Hocking / Edgar Winter Band, Geoffrey Whitehorn / Roger Daltry Band. Specifications Type: Humbucking Dual Coil; Position: Neck/Bridge; Cable: Four Conductor; Impedence (bridge): Split: 9k; Full: 18k; Impedence (neck): Split: 7.9k; Full: 15.88k; Resonant Peak (bridge): 7.5 kHz; Resonant Peak (neck): 7.3 kHz; Magnet: Alnico V Rods; Output: Moderate

• Telecaster Humbucker Neck/Bridge Pickup Set
• STK-T1n Vintage Stack Rhythm (Neck) Pickup
• STK-T3b Vintage Stack Lead (Bridge) Pickup
• 4 Conductor Hookup Cables
• Alnico V Rod Magnets