Stomp Under Foot Electric Warlord Fuzz Pedal

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The overall tone of the Electric Warlord is huge. The velcro-like fuzz is massive, tight and has lots of clarity. This is great for all tunings and lots of styles from rock to stoner to doom to shoegaze.

The gain section has been designed so you can hear the ripping, velcro fuzz on every string. The pedal has a great range on the fuzz knob and when you turn the gain all the way down, you can get a gated-like fuzz on leads.

The pedal has a perfect mix of bass and treble where you can feel the thump of the low end under the fuzz so it does not over-power the overall tone yet, you still know the low end is there.

Stomp Under Foot pedals are made by hand using only quality, through-hole components.

• True-Bypass
• 9V Battery or 2.1 9V Adapter Only
• 2mA
• NOS Parts
• Handmade in the U.S.A.

*Note: Cosmetic features (color, control knobs, fonts etc) are subject to Manufacturer variation