Subdecay Prometheus DLX - Resonant Filter Pedal

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Brand: Subdecay
Subdecay Prometheus DLX – Resonant Filter Pedal

After a year in development, Subdecay presents The Prometheus DLX. An analog filter with digital control. They made sure to not build in any artificial limitations. The filter sweep goes above and below normal guitar frequencies, and works well with other instruments such as bass and synthesizers. Select between lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters, and virtually unlimited ways to manipulate them.

They took the mad science of the original Prometheus and multiplied it, adding features that not only increase the sonic possibilities, but also make it easier to use. The DLX is a re-imagined Prometheus that uses all the knowledge we gained from The Quasar DLX, and our experience making the most exciting filter pedals in the world. They also added some improvements. More resonance? Yep! Tap tempo? You got it! For even more headroom the DLX will operate at 18 volts. There’s even an internal switch to add a dry signal blend to the bandpass filter. (See, we love you bass players too!)

While the options are nearly infinite, they made sure to keep things simple enough so that the average guitar player could figure them out in a few minutes.

• Analog envelope – forward and reverse.
• Step – tap tempo step filter based on 7 LFO shapes.
• Trigger LFO – tap to trigger one LFO cycle.
• Manual LFO – Manually control LFO speed.
• Warp LFO – tap tempo LFO speed with wave shape warp.
• Pixilated Envelope – sample/hold envelope control.
• Envelope Trigger – Envelope triggers LFO.
• Envelope->LFO manual – Envelope drives LFO speed. Fixed sensitivity.
• Envelope->LFO – Envelope drives LFO speed. Variable sensitivity.