Analog Man Sun Face Fuzz Pedal w/2N High Gain Germanium Transisters, Red LED, Power Jack & Sundial Knob

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Brand: Analog Man
Sun Face Fuzz

Analog Man Sun Face pedals cover all of the Fuzz Face versions plus more, handmade to your specs with more options than any other fuzz pedal.

AnalogMan is now making these in their own cases, as the Analog Man Sun Face. They are hand-built in the USA in small gold boxes, with their own USA made SUNFACE circuit board, which was made small enough to fit in almost any enclosure. This is a VERY high quality board of the same type used on their other pedals. It is better quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find, with shielding, plated through-holes, etc to meet military specs. It also has an internal CLEAN trim pot (white knob). This trim pot acts like turning down the VOLUME knob on your guitar, to clean up the fuzz. It can be used to preset the sound as with the volume knob rolled back a bit. It also allows easier control of the volume knob on your guitar when the white CLEAN trim pot is turned a bit. It can also be used to kill Radio Frequency Interference, which may be a problem on high gain pedals in some areas, by turning it down a hair. The CLEAN trimpot will also allow the sunface to work better after a vintage style wah pedal, without having to use a foxrox wah retrofit. It does not reduce the amount of fuzz that much, with humbuckers it can actually seem to have MORE fuzz by turning it a bit. Like all their handmade pedals, the Sunface has true bypass, so when off they do not alter your sound at all.

AnalogMan Options:

• Side Jacks Default
• Transistor Options: Germanium 2N, very high gain
• Add LED: Red
• Power Options: Power Jack
• Sunface Options: Sundial knob