Two Notes Captor X SE Special Edition Reactive Load Box, Attenuator, DynIR Engine, IR Loader & Stereo Expander - 8 ohm

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Sku: 3700673800460
Brand: Two Notes

Sporting a limited-run vintage-inspired colorway, alongside an all-new Anniversary Edition DynIR™ cabinet collection*, Captor X SE represents the culmination of Two notes’ 15-years stint pioneering modern loadbox technology. “Feature-packed” doesn’t cut it. It’s a compact reactive load box. It’s a tube amp attenuator. It’s a mic-ed cab simulator. It’s a static IR loader. It’s a stereo expander. It’s packed with a raft of studio-grade Post FX to tweak your tone to perfection. Expertly engineered to deliver stand-out sonics for home, live and studio use, Captor X SE is the undisputed ‘player’s choice’, empowering you with every tool to define - and redefine - your sonic signature.


• Special Edition Compact Reactive Load Box (8O, 100-watt RMS) with built-in Tube Amp Attenuator:
Home (-38dB), Club (-20dB), Stadium (0db)
• Powered by DynIR™ technology for DSP powered Dual-miked Virtual Cabinets; Dual static IR Loader with 512 memory slots for custom IR files
• Pre-loaded with 32 DynIR™ virtual cabinets; 10 additional DynIR™ virtual cabinets from the Anniversary Edition DynIR Cabinet Collection available upon product registration
• 128 preset locations; Instantly select your favorite preset from 6 user-configured slots directly from the front panel
• Includes 20 exclusive presets from tone connoisseur Pete Thorn, downloadable upon product registration
• Choose from 8 microphones per cabinet and 12 studio-grade room simulations
• USB / MIDI / Wireless Torpedo Remote connectivity for effortless control of all editable parameters
• XLR DI Outputs with 3 routing options: STEREO, DUAL MONO, Dry/Wet
• Silent playing with an Immersive Headphone Experience
• Post FX Suite including REVERB, Semi-Parametric EQs, a TWIN TRACKER Virtual Guitarist, an ENHANCER and a NOISE GATE
• Quick-access SPACE and VOICING controls for switching up your sound on-the-fly
• Audition 600+ official brand and artist-series Virtual Cabinets via the Torpedo Remote online library
• Rugged, metal case: road ready and portable