Woodward Telegraph Snake Head - Made From Reclaimed Wood - Detroit, 1905

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Brand: Woodward
Woodward Telegraph "Snake Head" - Made From Reclaimed Wood - Detroit, 1910

Serial # T00010

They say that with every crisis comes a blessing, if you only look hard enough and ask yourself how you can turn a negative experience into a positive one.

It is well-known that Detroit has been hit really hard financially. As one of the results, many homes have been abandoned, left to be torn down and destroyed. One might think: is there any blessing to be found in this highly emotional and difficult situation?

Well, the Woodward Guitar Company has found one - a blessing that will surely delight musicians and guitar players, as it is nothing short of genius.

In early 2014, Curt Novara of the Woodward Guitar Company had a guitar-building concept and a brilliant dream which was soon to come to fruition. Curt had the unique idea of creating a different kind of guitar with an unusual build that was made out of a very interesting material indeed.

About the "Telegraph" Model...

Every decade or so, a new exciting guitar company emerges which offers amazing quality instruments and innovative ideas. Woodward Guitars is such a company. One of their newest models is the fantastic “Telegraph.”

This “Tele” style guitar is a thing of beauty and excellent craftsmanship indeed. It is made out of reclaimed wood from Detroit City which gives the instrument a certain life and soul of its own. The guitar is in fact handcrafted, and the pickups are hand wound.

It is coated beautifully with nitrocellulose lacquer which really does seem to help the guitar breathe better and produce a very unique tone. The reclaimed wood lends itself perfectly to produce an awesome vintage tone that is only attainable due to the craftsmanship, material and production of the model. When playing the “Telegraph,” you can definitely tell that the instrument has been created with great care and love. There is a uniqueness to these instruments that one does not see very often these days.

The snakehead guitar has a three way switch that changes the tone of the single pickup:
• Bridge position: The pickup is routed through the volume control only, with the tone control bypassed.
• Middle position: The pickup is routed through the volume and tone controls.
• Neck position: The pickup is routed through the volume control and a fixed treble roll-off capacitor that produces a very dark, bass-heavy tone, with the tone control bypassed.

Do not let this one pass you by. Get yourself a “Telegraph” by Woodward Guitars and feel the soul, energy and life that these particular guitars convey.

This "Snake Head" version of the "Telegraph" was created from wood found at this address in Detroit: 4625 Second Ave. Detroit, MI. This specific building was built in 1905, so the wood has seen Detroit during its greatest peaks, its lowest valleys, and finally....its glorious rebirth! (See certificate!)

• Certificate of authenticity
• Photo of the building on the back neck plate.
• Hardshell case